Monday, 24 July 2017

Reading Activity: Origami Heart

This week as part of our activities for Reading we had to follow a set of instructions to make something.

Here is mine:

Friday, 23 June 2017

Writing Week 8 - Report Writing

 This week we had to finish our report writing on either the Eyes, Heart or the Pancreas. We also had to do this with buddy and my buddy was Zac

Maths Week 8 Work Book

This week instead of doing worksheets we had to complete a workbook.
This includes what we are working on in Whole Class Teaching which is different shapes.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Weekly Reflection - Week 6

This week has been a very busy with lots of things going on.

West Coast Cross Country
This Wednesday we had the West Coast Cross Country at Kumara Racecourse. I came 10th overall and I think it was a cool time.

Year 7/8 Rugby Competition
Last Week the Year 7/8 Rugby Competition started. Last week we played St Mary's and won 39-7. This week we played South Westland and won 31-14. I am really enjoying playing in the Competition. On Thursday Afternoon we had a training session with Robbie Maitland

Marty's Fitness Afternoons
Since the start of the term the Sports Talented children have been attending Marty's Fitness Afternoons where we go through some pretty tough exercises. I am really enjoying doing it.

We have also been doing Maths, Topic, Literacy and Writing.

For Writing this week we have started working on Report Writing and the Success Criteria around Reports. Check my blog for more

This week for Maths we had to do the usual which was Basic Facts, Maths Buddy and 3 Worksheets.

This week for Topic we were still doing our Vincent Van Gogh Topic/Art.

This week for Reading we were working on our Journal Contracts.

Report Writing Success Criteria Examples

W.A.L.T: Write a Report Success Criteria
This week we had to read different reports and find information that would fit with the success criteria. Here is Mine and Zac's:

Friday, 2 June 2017

Hanmer Springs Camp 2017

Last week Totara went on The 2017 Hanmer Springs Camp

Totara 1 and Te Hiringa went on Monday - Wednesday and Totara 2 and 3 went on Wednesday - Friday.


First we left Grey Main and travelled to Reefton for some Morning tea and a bit of a break.
We then left Reefton and headed through Springs Junction and to Hanmer Springs.
We then got settled in and had our first activity - Which for Activity Group 5 (Which I was in) we had Orienteering - I was in a team with Jimmy, Liam, Sam and our adult was Ben - We won the Orienteering with the Maximum amount of points with 15 Minutes to spare!
After the Activity we headed off to the Hot Pools where we could go on The Super Bowl, Hydroslides, Play Pool, Lazy River, 1 of the Hexagonal Pools and 1 of the Rock Pools.
After the Pools we had our tea - It was Spaghetti Bolognese - We then headed to T2's Kitchen/Dining Room for a Quiz. After that we went back to T3's room and we had Supper.

On Thursday we had Breakfast and then our first Activity at 9am - This activity was Mountain Biking. After we got back we our lunch and then our 3rd Activity which was Mission Impossible. When then went to Conical Hill and walked up that to the lookout point. When then walked back down and got in the cars to the Lolly Shop. When got our Lolly's there and then went to the Hot Pools. After the Hot Pools we went back to the Camp and had our tea - Which was Devilled Sausages and for Pudding we had Chocolate Self Saucing Pudding with Ice Cream. When then went to T2's Room and had the Camp Concert.

On Friday we packed up all of our gear and started our final Activity for the Camp which ours was Tree Climbing - Which was my favourite. We then left Hanmer Springs and headed to Reefton for Lunch. After leaving Reefton we arrived home on time.
 - Lazy River at the Pools

 - The Tree we climbed for tree climbing

 - The Orienteering and Mountain Biking Track

 - Up at the Conical Hill lookout

 - The Super Bowl at the Pools

Friday, 12 May 2017

Week 2, Term 2 Weekly Reflection

This has been an exciting week as we have had book week at school. We have also been doing Tech, Maths, Writing, Literacy and Topic.

Book Week
Monday - On Monday in the Library Mrs Costello was giving away Pre-Loved books that we could keep.
Tuesday - On Tuesday we had buddy reading with our buddy class which is P3
Wednesday - On Wednesday it was Wacky Wednesday where everyone dressed up with Wacky additions to there school uniforms. Also on Wednesday we had whole reading where Mr Wood read books to the school.
Thursday - On Thursday we all contributed to the school Team A/Team B quizzes, Logo Quiz, and Who am I brain tester.
Friday - On Friday it was Book Character Day where everyone had to dress up as their favourite book character

This term for Tech I am in Metalworks with Mr Steyn. Every Wednesday from 9am - 11am the Year 7 and 8's.

This week for Maths we started up our group after the school holidays and we had to complete a week of Basic Facts, 4 Maths Buddy tasks of our choice and the Weekly Revision task on Math Buddy.

For Writing this week we have started working on Report Writing. Our task was to choose an animal that we knew a bit about and write a report on it. I chose to do a Chocolate Lab.

For Literacy this week we worked our Journal Contracts. Since it was a new week we had to complete activities on a different book. I completed all the activities on the worksheet.

This week for Topic we carried on with our Vincent Van Gogh Topic. I think that this is a very cool Topic to work on because it combines with Art and Topic at the same time.