Friday, 12 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey: 10/01/2018

Week 4: Contemporary Kiwis

Day 3: Social Systems

Activity 1: Mixed-Member Proportional (MMP) - Task: Tell us who 2 other people that you would like to form a coalition government with and why.

I would form a coalition government with my friends Jimmy and Sam. Jimmy would be great because he is awesome with debating things and smart and Sam would be good to because he can think up really good ideas.

Activity 2: Migration - Task: Tell us about your hometown. What is your hometown and what is 3 things that tourists could do if they visited.

My hometown is Greymouth

1 - Shantytown
2 - The Tranzalpine
3 - The Town Centre

Bonus Activity: Modern Learning Environments - Task: Design your own classroom and post a picture of it on your blog.
Here is mine:

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  1. Hi Griffin

    Making up a coalition would be a very hard decision to make. As you would really have to think about just who would make a good team.
    You have chosen very wisely, as Jimmy would know the facts and have a very strong voice and Sam would be great as the ideas man. Sounds like you have yourself a pretty good coalition there. Well done you have thought about it.

    We are very lucky to live on the West Coast as we live in a very beautiful part of New Zealand. Coming here on the Tranz Alpine is a fantastic way to arrive. Whether it is in the middle of winter with the snow through the pass or in the stunning sunshine like today!
    The new town square looks good and I hope that we see this being well used with lots of things happening in there.
    And Shantytown is very popular with visitors, you are lucky that you get to go there with school.
    I also think that the cycle trail brings a lot of people to the coast and Greymouth. This is just getting more and more popular.
    Well ! Maybe you need to show your plan to Mrs O when you get to school. As Totara are lucky to be getting upgraded this year!! Hopefully it is while you are still there.You don't have many desks on your plan. Are you happy to sit on the floor with cushions? Although I do like the round table, I think it is good to work around a shaped table when you can see everyone.

    Well done Griffin!

    Until next time

    Allie :)


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.