Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey 19/12/17

Week 1: In the beginning (1800-1870)
Day 2: It's all in a days work

Activity 1: A House or a Home? - Task: Compare a wharepuni (Maori House) to your home.
Write 2 Similarities and 2 differences

                       Similarities                        Differences

           1. You can sleep in it                 1. It is made out of things like Fern, Rushes & Bark
           2. It is near other wharepuni      2. It doesn't a place to cook food

Activity 2: The Rules of Engagement (There were strict expectations of people working in early New Zealand) - Task: Draw a picture of yourself doing your dream job

Bonus Activity: Special Meals - Task: Post a picture about your favourite meal, What is it and why is it your favourite?

Image result for pork belly Pork Belly
Pork Belly is my favourite meat because it has a great taste. I also love the crispy crackling on top.

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  1. Hi Griffin

    One of the main differences is not having a place to cook. You wouldn't be able to have your pork belly in a wharepuni.
    One other thing that is similar is the shape of the roof. We need this especially on the West Coast so all the rain runs off the roof.
    I'm not surprised your dream job would have something to do with rugby. But you haven't told me exactly what your dream jog is. Is it an All Black player? Referee? or something else?
    Not long until we have the big match at Rugby Park between the Crusaders and the Hurricanes! Bet you can't wait for that.
    Do you know how to make pork belly? I have never tried to make it but would like to try it at some stage. I like the crackle too, its the best part!

    Keep it up Griffin

    Until next time

    Allie :)


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