Friday, 17 June 2016

Weekly Reflection - Week 7

This week our class started reading a class novel called Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Murporgo and after each chapter we had to recreate the book cover and then we had to find some words in the dictionary that were in the book.

This week for writing we did some more of our Poetry Anthology (2 More Poems to be exact) The Poems were: A Conversation Poem and a Haiku Poem. Here are one of my Poems:
Conversation Poem :
Teacher (Mr Late Inspection) = Normal
Child (Tom) = Italic
Bad Script = Mrs Lateman
Times New Roman = Mr Lateman
School Tom Goes to = WildView Heights School at 20 SouthCote Street

Why are you late Tom Lateman? (Again)
My car broke down
So that’s the sixth car this term?
How do you have so much cars?
My Family is rich
Yes we are
How much money do you have?
6 Billion Dollars
You do?
I thought rich kids went to private schools
Well my parents are dumb and made me go to this school
But if you are so rich why do all of your cars break down?
That’s not all of our cars
What do you mean?
We have another 24 more cars
Yes we do
But how come your cars break down?
My Dad says he can fix the cars
Then why do they break down?
Because he is dumb and doesn’t know how to fix cars
I don’t think your parents are dumb
Yes I do
Would you like to meet them and I will show you
Um.. Okay then

|So the next day Tom Lateman brought in his parents so his teacher could meet them|

Hello There Tom Lateman
And Mr and Mrs Lateman
Hello Mr. Late Inspection
Hello Mr Late Inspection
Hello Mr Late Inspection
So Tom has invited you to meet me
Yes he has
But there is just 1 problem
And what shall that be?
Well your 20 Minutes Late
We are? I thought you said we would make it on time husband!
Well I thought it would but we didn’t did we
See what I mean Mr Late Inspection
Oh.. I do, but that doesn’t prove that their dumb
Well I’ll prove it. Get them into a conversation
Okay then I will
|Mr Late Inspection starts a conversation with Tom’s Parents|
So Mr and Mrs Lateman why has your child been arriving to class 10 Minutes or more after the bell?
He does?
Yes I’m afraid he does and May I ask why?
Well we drop him off at school at 5 NorthCote Street
Sorry for interrupting Mr Lateman but that’s where the WildFire School is
It is?
Yes it is
Oh but that’s where I thought Tom went
Well Tom actually goes to WildView Heights School at 20 SouthCote Street
Oh then how silly are we?
Very Silly Dear!
Okay then Thank-you for having us Mr Late Inspection! Ta-Ta!
Oh Goodbye then Mr and Mrs Lateman
|As the couple walk out they are laugh so hard they don’t realise the closed door in front of them and they hit it|
Ouch! That hurt! Are you okay dear?
Yes I’m okay
Let’s get back up and go
Bye Tom!
Be Good Dear!
|Mr Late Inspection turns to Tom and says|
Okay your parents are very dumb!
Told you
This week on Banqer we had to reset it because the Real Estate Module went crazy and glitched out.
So after we got back on to Banqer I have this much money:

This week in maths we just had our usual tasks and this week our task were to find out and figure out some graphs. Some of us also surveyed the class and I did what is your favourite Cadbury Chocolate Block Flavour. The top flavour was Caramello which 12 people voted for out of 26.

Mandarin (Chinese):
This week when Wendy came in for Chinese she tought us how to say how much brothers or sisters we had and if they were older than us or younger. We also had a challenge that someone in the class would say how much brothers or sisters and if they were older or younger than us


  1. Great reflection Griffin! I really enjoyed reading your conversation poem. I like the way you have included learning Mandarin in your weekly reflection. It is a great opportunity that we are luckily enough to have each week.

  2. Read all your blogs, you are doing extremely well. Keep it up.we have been busy picking and pressing olives and this is the first time we have had time to reply to your blogs. Nan and Poppa


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