Tuesday, 1 March 2016

10 Lies about me!

My Lies

  • My eyes are blue because I was in a lightsaber fight against Darth Vader and he got me in the eye and it turned one of my eyes blue and then 2 months later I was painting my house and I tripped up on my shoelaces and I fell over and hit the paint can and it splashed up and got me my eye so that is the story of how I got my blue eyes.

  • I run fast because when I was watching a race and there was this evil witch in the air his plan was to take away the speed of the fastest runner and transfer it with someone slow and that someone was me and the evil witch gave me the speed but the runner the slowness.

  • I was Prime Minister 1 year ago and when I was Prime Minister I band all flights in and out of the country, made lollies the only shipment of things allowed in the country so the only food was lollies and made everyone have to go to bed at 9 o'clock and I could go to bed at any time I wanted.

  • The reason why I am 10 years old because I was a time traveller and when I came to this time my time machine broke and I wasn't able to fix it up so I have been stuck here for ages and probably won’t go back home and also when I was back in my time I was 42 years old.

  • When I was 5 years old it turned I had laser eyes and when I figured out how to use them I was able to use them for important things like heating up my toast and cooking good food.

  • Also, I was the person who invented computers and at home I have at least 2 of the devices in every room and all the plugs in every computer filled.

  • One other thing about me is that I am so tall that a door that is 4 metres high I still have to duck down so I won’t hit my head.

  • I am a trillionaire and I own 999 trillion dollars and one of the things that I bought was a water park just for me with the best ever waterslides and superbowls.

  • Also, I own 5 lamborghinis, 3 mansions, 15 swimming pools because in each mansion there is 5 pools, and also there is 2 movie cinemas in each mansion so that means I have 6 movie cinemas.

  • The only clothes that I wear are Nike gear and I have 5 walk-in wardrobes in each mansion full of Nike shoes and gear.

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