Wednesday, 28 October 2015


The Title of my book is: Earthquake, Napier NZ, 1930-31

The Author of my book is: Janine McVeagh

The Genre of my book is: Adventure

In my book Katie Bourke and her family are a little bit poor and two of their family have died. Both kids that died would be older than Katie if they were still alive. Before Katie was born her Dad and brother had a big fight and Katie's brother ran away after the fight then a long time since Tom left (Katie's Brother) her Dad died. About 2 months later Tom came back and said sorry for running away. The about 3 months later there was a big Earthquake in Napier and Katie had to go to Wellington to go to her Aunt's house so she didn't get in the way for the clean up. In the end when everything was cleaned up she was allowed to go back to Napier and stay with her family. THE END.

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