Monday, 27 July 2015

Robot Riot

The Title of my book is: Robot Riot

The Author of my book is:Andy Griffiths

The Genre of my book is: Adventure/Mystery

In Robot Riot Henry thinks that the new girl Roberta is a robot after one day before he was going to leave his classroom he saw Roberta's diary and he read it. It read in the diary all about she being a robot and how she was going to exterminate the world and robots would take over the world. Henry and his friend go to where their friend lives and they ask him to build them a Robot-Fighting-Robot. The next day at school they all meet the robot but when they are just about to use it, it breaks down but Henry had an idea of dressing himself as a robot to try and stop Roberta but when he gets there and up on the stage Roberta say that it is only her writing and their teacher said that she should read it in assembly but just as she said that the actual Robot-Fighting-Robot burst through the walls destroy the hall but it is only after Henry because he is dressed in a robot costume. The Robot-fighting-robot chases after Henry destroying the whole school but then heaps of dogs come and knock over the robot and all of the slobber that the dogs have got through to the wiring and the robot fighting robot blows up. In the end everything went back to normal.

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