Thursday, 9 July 2015

Geronimo Superstilton: Flood Mission

The Title of my book is: Flood Mission

The Author of my book is: Geronimo Stilton

The Genre of my book is: Adventure/Mystery

In Flood Mission Geronimo Superstilton, Swiftpaws and Lady Wonderwhiskers have to save Muskrat City from a huge flood. The Heromice's No.1 enemy's The Sewer Rats, have created an umbrella with an antenna and can make any type of weather. One day the heromice find out where the sewer rats are going to use a big antenna that will make Muskrat City underwater. But Superstition and his team go to where the sewer rats are using the antenna and they manage to stop the sewer rats but they manage to escape.

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