Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My Winter Wonderland Narrative

The Winter Mystery

It was a cold Winter Morning and There was a man running from the police for freedom because what he had was bad, very bad. he had just stolen the queens crown and now was running in this snow covered forest with massively tall trees and that were as tall as a giraffe’s neck and on the top of the trees it was like an observatory roof just about to open up. the man was running as fast as he could and so were the police. the police had loads of police cars all around the forest so the burglar can not escape at all. but just as the burglar was about to be pounced on he went through the trees and hid away where the police would never find him at all. the man turned around and scanned the site so he could make sure that there was not a trace of police around. luckily, there was not. the man was extremely puffed and was glad to be not running anymore. All of a sudden he saw that there was gap and he could escape, so he ran for it but what he did not know is that he had just dropped the thing that he had stolen but the police found it and gave it back to the queen but they still needed to find the burglar. the burglar had just gotten to the middle of the forest when he saw some police running towards him and he started running away but the police had lost him. When the man got to rest he was glad because he could get back his puff if he had to run again. But suddenly he just had to do what he had been dreading, he had to run again. This the police were the ones that hid but they didn’t to it very well because the burglar could hear there breathing so he could easily run away from them. but this time when he ran away from the police they caught him. But didn’t do a good job of it, and the burglar managed to escape but that, was for the last time. The police came around the corner and saw the man but the burglar did not have any time to run because he had already been caught and was handcuffed. He was put in a police van and he got put in a jail cell in a prison. the judge told that he had to spend the rest of his life in prison. the police had cheered and so did the queen because she was there as well and the burglar went back to his jail cell very disappointed. All the police had a celebration and that was the end of the day.



  1. Grif. That is a well written piece. Nan and Poppa

  2. Great story Griffin. What are your NSL's? I have one for you: NSL: Use parahraphs to separate time, places and new characters. Can you change to red, the first word of where you would put each paragraph?


Thank-you for your positive, thoughtful, helpful comment.