Saturday, 6 June 2015

Geronimo Stilton: Geronimo And The Gold Medal Mystery

The Title of my book is: Geronimo And The Gold Medal Mystery

The Author of my book is: Geronimo Stilton

The Genre of my book is: Adventure/Mystery

In Geronimo And The Gold Medal Mystery Geronimo has to go to where the  Olympics are being held and that is in Athens. He has to do a report for his Grand Father but ends up helping his friend solving a mystery about where in all of the individual events there is a country that has been cheating. The country that has been winning is also not on the list where it says which countries are participating. The reason that the country has won every individual event is because he is using a machine to switch brains with the animal that is really good at what ever event that country is doing in an individual event. In the end the country got caught and Geronimo flew back home with his friend.

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  1. Sounds like Geronimo saved the day! Leanne


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