Monday, 13 April 2015

Zac Power: Ultimate Mission

The Title of my book is: Ultimate Mission

The Author of my book is: H. I. Larry

The Genre of my book is: Adventure/Mystery

In Ultimate Mission there is Code Black at GIB HQ because the most dangerous villains are going to make the Halo 9 Comet crash into GIB HQ and destroy everything in the world. But luckily the boos of the gang is actually a good guy trying to capture the dangerous people. He eventually does and Zac stops the laser beam directing the Halo 9 Comet to earth and it goes on it normal path. In the end the earth didn't get destroy and everything turned to how it was meant to be. Code Black is where GIB needs every single agent they have got to go on the the job to try and stop the danger.


  1. Looks like a interesting book Griffin - Dad

  2. I am glad the boss was a good guy and the earth wasnt destroyed Griffin -grandma


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