Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Diary of a cricket god

In Diary of a cricket god, Marcus' Dad tries to get him into cricket. The only problem is that he is no good at it. So he get lots of training plays one game but disappoints his coach but the next week at the game lot of people come to watch. In the last over of the game to win, his team needed 6 more runs. He kept on missing the balls. In the last ball the ball landed in his pocket and his teammate at the non-strikers end said "don't  pick it up!" If he picked it up he would be out but luckily his dog was sitting on the boundary line and barked. Marcus got the idea to run over to the line. he made it and it was a six and his team won the game. In the end everyone celebrated with Marcus.  

The Title of my book is: Diary of a cricket god.

The Author of my book is: Shamini Flint.

The Genre of my book is: Adventure.

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  1. Well done. This is a good book and especially interesting while the World Cup is going on! What will you do for your own activity?


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