Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Dad, the All Black

The Title of my book is: My Dad, the All Black.

The Author of my book is: Sandy McKay.

The Genre of my book is: Mystery.

In My Dad, the All Black, William McCann's Dad has died and Will never knew him because he was only 11 months old. His Mum Leonie McCann is crazy about rugby after Dennis McCann died because he was an All Black. But then Will's Grandad died and his name was Neville McCann. So he and his Mum  were getting ready to go to Nelson for his Grandad's funeral. But went past his Uncle's house to pick him up for the funeral. But Will decided to stay with his uncle. His uncle's name is Jim. After the funeral his Mum come to pick him up to take him back Dunedin. On Saturday Will had to go and play a game of rugby and he won the game but when he scored a try and was getting ready for the final part of the game he saw his uncle there with Will's friend. After the game everything went back to normal. 

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  1. Wow Griffin you are reading lots of books. Well on your way to 10 books for the term. Sandra


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